NodeValet enables you spin up a masternode on a VPS in a matter of minutes. We do this using the application programming interface (API) made available by your hosting provider (at the moment, NodeValet supports Vultr and Digital Ocean).

In order for NodeValet to help you spin up your masternode, you will need to enable the API in your account with your provider, and supply the API code or key when you go on to provision your VPS automatically. NodeValet will make a remote connection to your account using this key, and commence the server provision process. As soon as this process is complete, you should then go on to either disable API on your account, or generate the API key (thus cancelling the previous one) - NodeValet does not store your API key. Don't worry if all this sounds complicated - we have provided some steps below that will help you carry out the above requirement.

Once you have enabled the API on your account and have the api key available, you can proceed to deploy your masternodes.

NOTE: Please wait at least 2 minutes after you send your collateral transaction before you use NodeValet to setup your VPS.

  • Log into your hosting account
    If you do not already have an account with any of the providers NodeValet currently supports, you can create one using any of the links below. Clicking one of these before you create a new account can earn you some free credit and will also give us a few bucks as a referral fee. This helps make it easier for us to keep the service free:

  • Enable API for VULTR
    - Once logged into your Vultr account, go to your Account page by clicking on the Account link from the menu on the left (highlighted below):

    - On the Account page, click on the API link from the menu on top of the page:

    - On the API page, click on Enable API button to enable the API on your account:

    - Briefly enable API access from all IPv6 addresses:

    - Copy your API key:

    - With the API key copied above, you can now head on to the masternode deployment page, select Vultr as your hosting provider and supply the copied key

  • Enable API for Digital Ocean
    - Log into your account

    - Click API under “Manage” menu on the left

    - Click Generate New Token and give it a name

    - Copy the Personal access token into your clipboard or save it —it can never be displayed again

    - With the Personal access token copied above, you can now head on to the masternode deployment page, select Digital Ocean as your hosting provider and supply the copied key