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About Node Valet

NodeValet is the first service of its kind in the cryptocurrency space.

At NodeValet, we've worked hard to create a service that does the hardest part of masternode setups for you - we can help you spin up your masternodes on a hardened, properly configured server in less time than it takes to brew a good cup of coffee.

Fully Automated

Connecting to your VPS host of choice via their API, our automated solution does the deployment for you, end-to-end.


Your masternode coin has an update? No worries - Node Valet will automatically check for, download and install the update.

No Contract/Monthly fees

While we welcome donations to support our work, Node Valet is an open source, free service - no contracts or fees.

Watch our 60-second live demo!

Our Services

From VPS provisioning to masternode configuration generation, Node Valet handles it all for you in a matter of minutes.

VPS Provisioning

We connect to your VPS-of-choice via their API, and securely provision a VPS for you based on the specifications you select.
You have the same options to select VPS plans just as you would if you were creating a VPS manually.

Server Hardening

Before we deploy your masternode(s) to the built VPS, we help you harden your new server, giving you a service that your own VPS host will most likely charge you for.
Only when we have done this do we actually configure your masternode coin on the server.

Automatic updates

Now you don't have to worry about manually updating your masternodes when your masternode coin has an update. Node Valet will quietly look out for updates, and download and install them as soon as it detects there has been an update.

Supported Masternode Coins

NodeValet currently supports the coins listed below - however, we are currently working on making it possible to deploy more masternode coins using our service.

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Our Price

Zero. Nada. Zilch.

We do ask, though, that you kindly donate towards the work we are doing at Node Valet.
Totally at your discretion!

Check Transaction Data

Want to setup a Masternode and not sure of the transaction data required?

Use our free tool below to retrieve the transaction id and transaction index for your masternode address.
Only available for a fixed number of masternode coins at the moment